Founded in 1998, Seven Star Carpet has been focusing on the hand made carpets since its establishment for 20 years. We are now having more than 300 skilled technicians and hand tufters ,most of them have more than 10 years experiences. They are skilled and detailed,they are hard working and satisfied with the stable work status ,they are professional enough to interpret the designers’ visions to create amazing complex effects,they are the core competitiveness of Seven Star Carpet.

Besides two hand tufted carpet plants,We also established our own yarn dyeing workshop in 2007, not just for reducing production cost, but final quality for a perfect carpet. This is also the part of the quality control system. Now the annual production capacity of the company is over 120,000.square meters,cover hand tufted and hand knotted carpets and rugs of silk ,delicate silk ,NZ wool ,cotton viscose ,dull silk ,spun silk ,tencel and other various material,and luxury rugs with Swarovski crystals.

Our focus and our technic has won us a reputation among the designers and our clients.All kinds of carpets with different materials, design, shape, size and density can be provided according to your need. Now,Our carpets and rugs is best selling around the world to the United States, Europe, UK, Middle East, Australia, Russia etc.


The techniques we utilize cover the entire spectrum of carpet manufacturing, including hand-tufting,hand-knotting . From carding to spinning and dyeing to finishing, our fully-integrated manufacturing process guarantees full control over the entire production process to ensure unrivaled quality. We are not big ,but we are more focused and more professional and more efficient.



Our Team and Service

Our sales teams and Q.C. teams closely oversee the entire process of creation and production, advising our clients at every step from conception to installation in order to ensure an efficient, satisfying collaboration and the most successful end product.